Asbestos Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Vinyl flooring has been a popular floor covering in many Kiwi homes for generations. However, the risk can outweigh the durability and appearance if asbestos is involved. It’s important to understand the potential risks and hazards involved if you’re considering ripping up old vinyl tiles or vinyl sheeting.

Asbestos vinyl flooring was a durable and economical material, that offered many aesthetic options to suit a homeowner’s taste.

Asbestos vinyl sheet flooring poses a significantly greater asbestos exposure risk than floor tiles or wallpaper. Manufacturers often made this type of flooring with a friable asbestos backing, which means asbestos fibres are easily released into the air if the sheet flooring is disturbed or damaged. The mastics or adhesives used to install vinyl products also often contained asbestos, though asbestos fibres in adhesives are less likely to become airborne.

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